The bad news is that “Sherlock” is still on a long hiatus. The good news, however, is that Martin Freeman will return to TV screens soon. His new drama, “StartUp,” finally has a premiere date.

Freeman plays FBI agent Phil Rask in the new drama from Crackle, Sony’s free streaming platform. He’ll ditch the cloudy skies of England for the sunny beaches of Miami. However, he’ll still find plenty of crime in the Florida city.

As previously reported, Rask is after a businessman, Mr. Talman, but it’s Talman’s son Nick (Adam Brody) that gets Rask’s attention. Nick hides his father’s money by investing in Izzy’s (Otmara Marrero) unorthodox tech startup that focuses on digital currency. The money Nick took from his father actually belongs to Ronald (Edi Gathegi), a prominent member of a local gang. This leads to a weird alliance between Nick, Izzy and Ronald. Rask “plans to take a journey to the very pit of darkness to take down the unsuspecting trio.”

Though Rask has a badge, it doesn’t seem like he has a heart of gold. The FBI agent makes it clear that he is willing to break the rules. “If they play dirty, that means we can play a little dirty too,” Rask says in the “StartUp” trailer.

The drama will premiere Tuesday, Sept. 6, and all 10 episodes of Season 1 will be available for your binge-watching pleasure.

Hopefully, that’ll give “Sherlock” fans their Freeman fix for a little while. They still have some time before they’ll see “Sherlock” Season 4. The mystery series is rumored to return to PBS in winter, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The Sherlock Holmes adaptation was filmed this spring.