width=287A research conducted by Dutch researchers, which identified 185 different industrial uses of pigs, stated that pig's hemoglobin was used in cigarette filters.

This new study, which was referred to by Professor Simon Chapman to the University of Sydney, might offend Muslims and other religious organizations.

In Islam it is strictly banned to consume pork and strict vegetarians refuse to use any animal products or bi-products.

I think that there will be some devout groups who will be greatly offended when they find out that there were pig products in cigarettes. The Jewish community will certainly take this matter seriously as well as the Islamic community and the vegetarians too, Chapman said.

Some findings reported that pig's hemoglobin is effective in trapping harmful chemicals before it could enter a smoker's lungs by using a filter.

Quran supported the prohibition of cigarettes. This was stated by the late Saudi scholar Mohamed bin Saleh al-Uthaymeen.