The first official teaser of The Walking Dead season 2 has been released during the premiere of Breaking Bad season 4.

The teaser uncovers a zombie killing scene in which Rick Grimes, drenched in sweat, kills two zombies in the woods.

More actions are expected to be seen in this new chapter of the horror TV series, set in the woods. We're going out into the woods. We're gonna see a lot of rural roads and open fields see how bad things are as you get away from the city centers, executive producer Robert Kirkman has said.

Hersel Greene who is the owner of Hershel's Farm, his daughter Maggie and a middle-aged ranch foreman called Otis are among the new characters in the second season. The roles are played by Scott Wilson, Lauren Cohan and Pruitt Taylor Vince respectively.

The Walking Dead season 2 will premiere this October on AMC. Previously, there was a teaser which shows Rick shooting a zombie in the head, but it was later revealed that the video is not official, an aceshowbiz report said.

Check out the teaser below..