It may be common for teenagers to get a car for their 18th birthday, typically a used model or a hand-me-down from a relative. But not for teen heartthrob sensation Justin Bieber, who received  a $100,000 Fisker Karma when making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning.

We wanted to make sure, since you love cars, that when you're on the road you are always looking environmentally friendly, said his manager Scooter Braun, who surprised him with the gift on the show. And we decided to get you a car that would make you stand out. I think you know where I'm going, and you're kind of freaking out right now. That's a Fisker Karma.

The Never Say Never singer appeared to be speechless and amazed as the curtains were pulled back to reveal the fancy energy-efficient car.

But for those Bieber fans out there that aren't too savvy when it comes to automotives, here are a few reasons why the Fisker Karma is such a coveted car.

1. One of the biggest factors separating this vehicle from other luxury cars is the fact that it is environmentally sustainable. Sustainability was the guiding principle Henrik Fisker adopted when he formed Fisker automotive in 2007, read a written statement from the company this past October.

2. But cutting down on energy doesn't make this vehicle any slower. The Fisker Karma can reach a top speed of up to 125 mph. That's faster than the Nitro roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, which reaches 80 mph.

3. The design for the Fisker Karma wasn't inspired by previous cars or competitors. The vehicle's sleek design is based on the outlines of desert sand dunes and the muscular grace of a cheetah, according to its official website. The design team's inspiration were also led by the understanding of the principles of order and the harmony of opposing structures, textures and elements.

4. The eco-friendly car is conservative in more ways than one. The automobiles interior wood trim is sourced from Fallen Sunken and Rescued Wood, which means that no live growth is ever used. The wood comes from downed trees in the western United States.

5. Perhaps one of its most impressive characteristics, the Fisker Karma features the largest solar glass roof ever designed for a production vehicle. The car uses the sun energy to extend the driving range for an additional 200 miles annually, harnessing its rays through the solar roof.