The NFL season kicks-off Wednesday Sept. 5, and so does the fantasy football season.

Whether you have five teams or one, many fantasy owners will not be in front of their computer for every game day. Thankfully we have mobile devices like iPhones to give us real-time scores, player news and allow us to adjust our line-ups on the fly.

Also, you shouldn't have to break the bank to get a leg up on your opponents.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of five free fantasy apps that can help you throughout the season and all are available on the iTunes App Store.


Along with quick links to news and social media sites, this app gives you real-time score updates on game days and allows you to see the most added and cut players every week.

Fantasy Football Insider

The best way to win any league is having more information than your opponents. FFI provides all the content from Pro Football Weekly, which is consistently praised as some of the best coverage of the NFL. You can also view highlights in its video section.

Team Stream

From Bleacher Report, fantasy owners can select their favorite teams and have push notifications sent right to their phones like a text message.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football' 12

If your league is run through Yahoo!, you can quickly change your line-ups and have access to all of Yahoo! Sports player updates.

Fantasy Football Draft Monster

If your league is waiting till the last minute to hold the draft, this app could give you a major edge. You can join your draft room right from your phone whether your league is run through Yahoo! or ESPN, and if not it has an offline draft mode.