“Five Nights at Freddy’s 4” is now available for mobile devices. If the title is any indication, this appears to be the last game of the incredibly popular series created by Scott Cawthon, as the game has been given the subtitle, “The Final Chapter.”

As fans of the PC version know, “The Final Chapter” plays quite differently from the other games in the series. While the first three titles have players taking on the role of a security guard forced to watch the animatronics through a monitor, the fourth game features a child protagonist who seems to be stalked by horrific antagonists. The child has only a flashlight for protection, which surprisingly works in some occasions, as the animatronics actually run away when the light is flashed on their faces.

The new house setting means players will have to rely on sound more, according to Touch Arcade. Players will have to be on guard and listen to the environment for the animatronics. Should anyone play the game on a mobile device, earphones are recommended, though that means that the experience will be much scarier.

Reviews for the game haven’t been too positive, with Pocket Gamer complaining that the Android version of the game is a frustrating experience. But it reportedly still appeals to many fans of the horror genre. 

It’s interesting to see the game series end, as “Five Night’s at Freddy’s” was announced earlier this year. The movie will reportedly have a similar plot to the first game, focusing on a security guard who has to watch the restaurant through a monitor and protect himself from the various animatronics that are after him.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter” can now be purchased on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for $2.99. The game is also available for the Windows PC via Steam for $7.99.

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