This week Eric Dane announced he's leaving Seattle Grace behind and choosing not to come back for "Grey's Anatomy's" ninth season.While it could be easy to assume because of Dane's exit Mark Sloan will die in the woods from a broken heart and a literal heart injury, pictures have emerged that show McSteamy at least makes it back to the hospital. So how can Shonda Rhimes and the rest of the "Grey's" writers write him off the show?

1. Dr.Frankenstein

Sloan recovers from his injuries, but he's still consumed by the loss of Lexie. He resigns from Seattle Grace and cuts off all ties with his friends and family. Reports later surface that he somehow obtained Lexie's body, and using his plastics skill and a little lightening, revived her. They live a peaceful if creepy life together in the woods.

2. Fake Out
Sloan is rescued from the woods, makes it through weeks of painful and invasive surgeries, receives a heart transplant, goes through rehab (all done in a five minute montage) and is cleared to operate again. As he scrubs in for his first surgery since the accident, he drops dead of an unrelated brain aneurysm.

3.Crazy Cat Man
Sloan's heartache quickly turns to madness when he discovers not only has he lost the love of his life, but his injuries will prevent him from ever performing surgery again. Callie begs him to keep it together for their daughter, but he loses it, moving into a small apartment, refusing all visitors, and raising fifty cats. They're all named Lexie.

4. For the Sake of Sophia

Arizona dies (seriously, coughing up blood is never a good sign) and Callie sinks into an inescapable depression. Unable to save her, Sloan moves back to the east coast with Sophia so she can have a normal childhood.

5.Occam's Razor
Sloan gets a better job offer at an out of state hospital and jumps at the chance, promising to skype with Sophia often. Sometimes you have to so with the simplest answer.