The story of Flappy Bird -- that it became an instant hit among users and was eventually taken offline by its developer -- is not over yet as the ghost of the dead game is still haunting its fans, trying to convince them to buy used iPhones that have the game installed, for an extremely reasonable price of about $100,000.

Following Flappy Bird's flight Sunday from both Android and iOS app stores after developer Dong Nguyen soured of all the media attention dedicated to his game, used iPhones that have Flappy Bird installed on them began appearing on eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY). One of the sellers, who goes by the name of pindrus, has called for bids on a used iPhone 5s with the game. And, at the time of reporting, the bidding was up to $99,900.

There are more than 70 bids for the iPhone 5s as of now -- and it's hard to say how many of these are serious buyers -- but according to iDownloadBlog, eBay could intervene at any time to stop the auction before it ends in six days.

In addition, at least another dozen iPhones and a few Android phones with Flappy Bird have appeared on eBay carrying a price tag of more than $50,000. Here is a look at what a quick search of the online retail store threw up.

On Sunday, Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from app stores, even though the game was reportedly generating $50,000 in advertising revenues a day. With the removal, plans of bringing the game to Windows Phone have also been put to rest.

Following Nguyen’s announcement that he would pull Flappy Bird down, many of the game’s fans expressed their disappointment via Twitter.

“@dongatory: I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. " I WILL MURDER YOU,” a Twitter user said.

There were some suicide notes as well:

“@dongatory if you delete flappy bird I will literally kill myself. It's my drug and I am so addicted!! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO MEEE PLEASEE,” another user said.

Here is a list of reactions -- put together by CNBC’s Eli Langer -- received by Nguyen.