Wally West is here! Fans of "The Flash" did not get to see much of the show's newest star in the winter finale -- he came knocking on Joe's (Jesse L. Martin) door in the final moments of the episode -- but it was enough to whet viewers' appetites for more from the future Kid Flash. However, before Wally realizes his speedster destiny, he will first have to find his place in the West family as just a normal guy. So, what's next for Wally West? 

"His next move is to somehow deal with what's going on in his life, or rather ... not deal with it," Keiynan Lonsdale, the actor behind Wally West, told International Business Times after the winter finale. "Sometimes the situation is too much for him to process and he just wants to focus on his own life. We'll get to see a bit of what that life is in the upcoming episodes."

"That life," as Lonsdale previously told IBT, involves a lot of drag racing, Wally's hobby of choice. His detective father will not approve. However, Lonsdale says he and Joe have bigger fish to fry. In episode 9, Joe confessed to Barry (Grant Gustin) that he feels responsible for not having a relationship with his son, seeing as he drove Wally's mother, Francine (Vanessa Williams), away when he tired of her drug addiction. Lonsdale says Wally, at least partly, agrees. 

"I think he blames everybody," says Lonsdale. "There's definitely blame towards Joe and Wally isn't shy to show it."

As for Barry, that relationship will take some time. 

"All he knows is that all of a sudden he has a sister and a father," says Lonsdale. "I don't think he'd even consider Barry being a brother to him at this stage."

Watch the trailer for the midseason premiere of "The Flash" -- airing Jan. 19 -- below:

What is next for Wally West? Fans will have to wait to find out. "The Flash" returns to the CW with the Season 2 midseason premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.