Kevin Smith took to Instagram to reveal whose idea it was to pay homage to the 1992 superhero film “Batman Returns” during the cold kiss moment between Barry (Grant Gustin) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) in last night’s episode of “The Flash” which he directed.

“If you liked the #coldkiss moment [in Season 3, episode 7], [storyboard artist] Jeremy [Simser] was the guy who suggested ‘What if we homage that mistletoe moment from #batmanreturns?’” Smith wrote on the social networking site a day after the episode aired. “Any action sequence I’ve done on either #TheFlash or #Supergirl has started on Jeremy’s empty storyboard frames. The man’s a genius.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Smith said that it’s probably the first time Killer Frost’s cold kiss has been translated on screen.

“They have done [cold kiss] a zillion times, probably, in the comics with Killer Frost and it’s one of the first time I think it gets done [on screen],” Smith said. “I was so happy that it was in my episode!”

“For one brief moment, not only were we making an old issue of ‘Flash,’ but we had this real ‘Batman Returns’ kind of positioning where she’s kind of straddling on top of him like Catwoman was when she was kissing Batman on the roof with the mistletoe,” Smith added. “So we’re homage-ing s--t left and right while doing one of the most classic Killer Frost moves in the comics: the cold kiss.”

Caitlin gave Barry a cold kiss during one their fights in last night’s episode, aptly titled “Killer Frost.” Panabaker and Gustin have yet to share what it was like to film the lip-locking scene, but based on the actress’ recent tweet, it seemed that she had mixed feelings about it.

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Next week’s episode of “The Flash” (Season 3, episode 8) is the second installment of the four-night crossover event between all the DC Comics series on The CW. It airs on Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 8 p.m. EST.