“The Flash” actor Carlos Valdes has revealed new details about the “Flashpoint” version of his character Cisco Ramon.

In an appearance for the press at this year’s Dragon Con in Atlanta over the Labor Day Weekend, Valdes talked about the differences between Cisco in the Season 2 timeline and Cisco in the “Flashpoint” reality, which Barry (Grant Gustin) created after he traveled back in time at the end of the Season 2 finale to prevent the death of his mom Nora (Michelle Harrison) at the hands of the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher).

As revealed in the Season 3 trailer that debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con in July, “Flashpoint” Cisco is the owner of Ramon Industries who also happens to be the richest man in America. Although he’s a billionaire, he still is a science wizard just like his Season 2 incarnation.

“This character I’m playing is still Cisco Ramon, but it’s obviously an alternate reality version of him in which he is still a genius and still possesses a technological prowess about him,” the 27-year-old actor said (via Collider). “Now though, he’s able to cash in on that prowess and build his way up the ladder to become the richest man in America. He’s a billionaire!”

 Valdes also indicated that unlike Season 2 Cisco, “Flashpoint” Cisco is all about the money and that completely changes his dynamics with Barry.

“He’s created all these things and these apps at Ramon Industries — which looks a lot like S.T.A.R. Labs — and he’s ostentatious, not afraid to flaunt his wealth which makes for interesting colors and relationship dynamics,” Valdes said. “Barry has to struggle with the fact that this is not the Cisco he knows, and there’s a bit of an antagonistic energy to this Cisco.”

Fans were given a preview to this “antagonistic energy” in Season 3’s “Time Strikes Back” trailer, in which Barry tries to explain to “Flashpoint” Cisco how he ended up creating a new reality after going back in time to save his mom. The Scarlet Speedster is apparently seeking help from “Flashpoint” Cisco to fix what he had done, but unfortunately for him, “Flashpoint” Cisco is not interested in any realities where he is not rich.

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“The Flash” Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. on The CW.