The CW has released a number of promotional photos for Season 3, episode 2 of “The Flash,” and one of the most intriguing pictures from the newly unveiled batch of stills is a snapshot of the Scarlet Speedster (Grant Gustin) standing side by side with Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp).

It’s unclear, however, whether this Jay Garrick is the one from Earth-3, whom the viewers met last season. In Season 2, Jay was held prisoner by Earth-2 speedster Zoom (Teddy Sears) who dampened the former’s superpowers by forcing him to wear an iron mask. Zoom used Jay’s name and mantle as part of his treacherous plan to steal Barry’s speed. At the end of the season, Barry defeated Zoom and Jay was rescued. Jay currently resides on Earth-2 with Earth-2 Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and his daughter Jesse (Violett Beane).

If the Jay Garrick shown in the promo photo is the one from Earth-3, then it’s likely that Team Flash reached out to him for help through Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) metahuman skill that allows him to open breaches between Earth-1 and Earth-2.

Alternatively, the Jay Garrick in the photo might also be a direct result of Flashpoint, just like Tom Felton’s character, Julian Dorn/Albert.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Todd Helbing revealed that Barry is no longer the sole forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department when he returns to the main timeline from the Flashpoint reality that he advertently created after he traveled back in time in the Season 2 finale.

“Barry’s had that lab to himself, but now he’s got to share it with this guy, who doesn’t really like him and is kind of prickly,” Helbing told the news outlet of Felton’s character.

Do you think the Jay Garrick in the photo is the one from Earth-3? Or is it a completely different version? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

“The Flash” Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. on The CW.