Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) is going to have mixed emotions when he finds out that he’s actually a superhero speedster in the Flashpoint timeline.

In tonight’s episode of “The Flash,” Wally starts to have visions of being Kid Flash in the Flashpoint timeline, and surprisingly, these dreams of an alternate life don’t confuse Wally. In fact, Lonsdale revealed to TVLine that Wally’s visions make him excited rather than baffled, as they confirm his theory that he, too, will become a speedster after he was hit by the dark matter last season.

“He has already been having these feelings of him being a speedster, assuming that’s in his future,” Lonsdale said. “So when you put these visions and dreams on top of that, it’s an extra validation that he’s right.”

“The idea of being a speedster doesn’t scare him at all,” added the 24-year-old actor. “It’s perfect for him.”

At the same time, however, discovering that his theory is right all along is “disheartening” for Wally. “He’s had this feeling, and he’s been expressing that he has this feeling, that he’s wanted to be a speedster. Finding out that he’s not crazy and there actually is another life where he was that speedster, it’s disheartening because Wally always wants people to have faith in him,” Lonsdale told Entertainment Weekly.

“His insecurity is then played on, because people often think he’s a bit of a loose cannon,” the Australian thespian continued. “For him, he thinks that people can’t trust him being the good guy that he is. I think he’s a little ticked off by that.”

When asked if Wally is going to get mad at Barry for not telling him sooner that he’s actually Kid Flash in the Flashpoint timeline, Lonsdale said: “Everyone made the decision that we won’t know about our alternate lives in Flashpoint. That’s the decision that we all made. As much as he can be angry, they all agreed on this. He’s not going to be able to stop his emotions, but at the same time, he can’t take everything out on Barry.”

Tonight’s episode of “The Flash,” titled “Shade” (Season  3, Episode 6), airs at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.