Reality TV star and rapper Flavor Flav said Monday he will fight weapons and domestic violence charges stemming from an argument with his fiancée Elizabeth Trujillo.

Flav’s lawyer, Tony Abbatangelo, told the Associated Press that Flav, real name William Jonathan Drayton Jr., plans to plead not guilty to the charges when he’s due in a Las Vegas courtroom for his arraignment.

An evidence hearing is set for Nov. 20 in the case.

Flav, 53, was charged with felony assault and domestic battery for allegedly pushing Trujillo and threatening her 17-year-old son with a knife as they fought in his Las Vegas home Wednesday. An argument about infidelity ensued, although it was unclear whether Flav or Trujillo was making the cheating allegations.

Abbatangelo indicated that Flav and Trujillo plan to reconcile.

"They've been together a long time, and they want to work this out," Flav’s lawyer told the AP. "We want what's best for the family."

Trujillo’s 17-year-old son claimed Flav chased him throughout the Las Vegas home holding two knives, according to police. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department said Flav denied that account, although he admitted to having a confrontation with Trujillo.

Flav rose to prominence as the hype man for rap group Public Enemy in the 1980s. He later went on to star in “The Surreal Life.” His popularity on the VH1 show led to other reality shows featuring Flav, including “Flavor of Love,” which documented Flav’s quest for romance.