Heavy storms caused flash flooding in the southern Morocco Monday, killing at least 31 people, the Associated Press reported. The flooding destroyed about 100 mud homes in Marrakesh, and roads and highways were blocked off.

Morocco's King Mohamed VI told authorities to take "all necessary emergency measures to help and support victims of the floods," a government statement said Monday.

Pictures on Twitter showed people climbing on top of their cars as water pushed them down flooded roads.


Emergency response teams are still out in the field trying to rescue people from their homes and find missing bodies. About 130 rescue vehicles and inflatable boats were being used Monday to help with the emergency efforts, Morocco's state news agencies reported, adding 14 people are missing in Guelmim. 

Weather forecasts called for rain to continue throughout the day Monday.

Al Jazeera reported forecasters had warned Moroccans of possible flash flooding, but the government did nothing to prepare communities. 

Flash floods are common in Morocco. Four children drowned in September's flooding, the AP reported. According to Prevention Web, a site that tracks disasters across the world, 19 floods hit Morocco from 1980 to 2010. Morocco, along with Somalia, Papua New Guniea and Venezuela, tops the chart for the greatest number of people killed in floods.