Articles by Erin Banco

Erin is an international affairs writer for the International Business Times, specializing in all things Middle East. She came to IBT after having worked as a freelancer overseas. She received her bachelor's degree in Arabic and journalism from The University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011 and her master's from Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs where she concentrated in human rights and international media.

Originally from Boston, Erin moved to Cairo, Egypt where she reported from countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Israel. After that, she moved back home to attend graduate school and spend time with family. She currently lives in Istanbul and is an avid yogi and runner. She tries to make it back to the ice rink from time to time (she spent 14 years as a competitive figure skater).



Iraq’s Unwanted

Fearing infiltration by ISIS militants, the government is keeping tens of thousands of refugees from Fallujah penned in camps.

A Bloody Day In Baghdad

Three bombings, for which the Islamic State group claimed responsibility, killed a total of more than 90 people Wednesday in Iraq's capital.

Kurdistan Oil Riches Elude Locals

While workers in Iraqi Kurdistan get meager incomes, overseas oil execs like Nadhim Zahawi, a British member of Parliament, profit lavishly.

Iraq’s Parliament Turns Chaotic

The nation’s prime minister wants to appoint a new cabinet filled with technocrats. But as Iraqis take to the streets, lawmakers have other ideas.

Iraq’s Government On The Brink

Although the U.S. has invested a tremendous amount of resources in Iraq, the country’s sectarian tensions are frustrating hopes for long-term political reform.

Iran Ramps Up Its Presence In Syria

Tehran fears a loss of regional influence if Russia’s recent military pullback leads to the removal of Syria’s Bashar Assad, observers say.