The “Dog Days” for Florence Welch are just beginning. The star suffered an injury at Coachella, Entertainment Weekly reported. The “Florence + The Machine” singer explained although she had a fabulous time at the California music festival, she got a little too carried away when she jumped off the stage. Now, she is left with a broken foot and will not be able to be as energetic during her performances while her injury heals.

Welch, 28, broke the news by sharing a picture of her hurt foot in a Facebook post. The photo quickly garnered thousands of likes and received hundreds of comments from well-wishers. Her full statement has been posted below:

“Hi everyone, I'm so sorry to say, that after what was one of my favorite shows ever at Coachella, I have discovered I have broken my foot from leaping off the stage. Unfortunately while this heals, my performances will have to be somewhat stripped back. I'm so sorry, I'm pretty devastated, but I still want to do the shows. I understand this is not what you were expecting, but I hope it’s just as enjoyable. I'm going to try and make it super special for you. By the time Glastonbury rolls around I should be back on my feet. This album was so much about making something from what was broken, so let’s see what we can do with this. All my love, Florence.”

As of now, Welch has not canceled any shows, the New York Times noted. Her tour schedule remains intact and she is set to perform in Los Angeles Wednesday. She is also slated to sing during the second weekend of Coachella. After the famous California music festival is over, “Florence + The Machine” will take the stage Glastonbury, the British version of Coachella, June 24-28.

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