A video of Casey Anthony that was recorded at the Orange County, Fla., Jail in December 2008 will be discussed at a hearing  Wednesday afternoon.

The video shows Anthony's reaction upon learning that her daughter Caylee's remains were found. The hearing will decide if the video, which has no sound, should be released to the public, reports cfnews13.com.

In July this year, an Orlando media outlet filed a motion to release the jailhouse videotape of Casey Anthony as she was watching the TV breaking news coverage of Caylee's remains being found.

At the time, Anthony was in a medical facility on sheriff's office orders and the camera recorded her reactions.  

Anthony's defense team opposes releasing the video to the public.

Judge Stan Strickland had ordered the videotape to be sealed until further order of this court.

On Wednesday, Judge Belvin Perry will decide the matter.