A Florida judge heard arguments over the possible public release of a video of Casey Anthony Wednesday, but recessed the court without delivering a judgment.

The video, which was recorded without sound in 2008, shows Anthony's reactions after hearing of the discovery near her home of the remains of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The video was sealed in June 2009 by Judge Stan Strickland, who was in charge of the case then, because it might prevent Anthony from getting a fair trial. She was acquitted of killing the girl.

An Orange County Superior Court spokesman said Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. went into recess after hearing the arguments and would not be issue a judgment yet.

The petition to release the video to the public was made by WKMG-TV in Orlando, which reported that the judge gave no indication of how he might rule.

Jose Baez, Anthony's attorney, said she didn't want the tape unsealed because of privacy concerns. It was recorded at the jail’s medical facility. In a report by the Orlando Sentinel, Baez said the footage shows “some kind of torture” against Anthony.

Baez, when questioned by Perry over the exact room in which the video was shot, responded saying that when Anthony was administered a tranquilizer (after hearing of the discovery of her daughter's remains), the room became a de facto medical room.

WKMG's attorney, Jack Kirschenbaum, told Perry the video was a matter of public record and should be released.