The 80-year-old girlfriend of a 54-year-old Florida man told authorities he held her down against her will and prevented her from calling 911 so he could "exorcise the devil out of her," according to a report from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The report, first obtained by the Smoking Gun, claims David Benes, 54, on Monday forcibly tried to exorcise demons from his elderly girlfriend of three years. The victim, who was not named, said Benes took the battery out of the house phone to stop her from contacting authorities and that he took her car keys and destroyed the garage door.

“The victim [said] the defendant physically restrained her and held her down because he was trying to ‘exorcize her and get the devil out of her’ against her will,” the report goes on to say. “The victim advised [that] the defendant held her down against her will and would not let her leave the residence.”

The 80-year-old girlfriend also said she fell asleep when the defendant started “exorcising” her. A Pasco County sheriff’s deputy said he saw the victim had injuries to both arms, including bruises and scratches. The deputy also observed that the battery for the house phone was missing.

Benes told authorities he was too drunk to talk after he was read his Miranda rights. After being taken to a nearby hospital, Benes again said he “was too drunk [Monday] night to recall anything.” He also said he was struck by his girlfriend. Benes was arrested on charges of battery on a person 65 years or older and false imprisonment, among other crimes, according to the Smoking Gun.