Prepare for some chills. The 1979 bestselling novel by V.C. Andrews, “Flowers in the Attic,” is prepared to hit the small screen (again) this weekend. The Lifetime reboot is premiering on Saturday, Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. and it’s a story you won’t want to miss.

“Flowers in the Attic” tells the twisted tale of the four Dollanganger kids – Cathy ("Mad Men's" Kiernan Shipka ), Christopher (Mason Dye), Carrie(Ava Telek) and Cory (Maxwell Kovach) – whose lives are turned upside down after the unexpected death of their father. The children are convinced by their mother Corrine (Heather Graham) to stay hidden in the attic at their grandparent’s mansion so that she could rework her way back into her father’s heart and will. Corrine and her mother Olivia (Ellen Burstyn) end up locking the children in the attic for years, leaving Cathy and Christopher to raise their two younger siblings and turn to each other for comfort.

The first “Flowers in the Attic” movie was released in theaters in 1987 and was a box office success … despite negative reviews. Criticism was due to the fact that the movie didn’t stay true to V.C. Andrews novel, removing the incest scenes and altering some key events. (You can currently watch the 1987 movie on Netflix.)

Lifetime’s reboot kept that in mind when moving forward, making sure to keep as true to the novel as possible. Fans of “Flowers in the Attic” or newcomers can catch the world premiere of the 2014 movie on Lifetime on Saturday, Jan. 18 at 8 p.m.

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