Conor McGregor has responded to Floyd Mayweather’s latest jabs in which the boxer accused the UFC star of avoiding a potential super-fight. McGregor predicted that he would knock out Mayweather while indicating a potential date for the fight in 2017.

McGregor was at Madison Square Garden Friday night, supporting fellow Irishman Michael Conlan in his professional boxing debut. Speaking to reporters that were ringside, McGregor was defiant in regards to a possible fight with Mayweather.

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“I’m the boxing guy,” McGregor said. “Watch me take over boxing. Trust me on that. No one in this boxing game knows what’s coming. When I step in there, I’m going to shock the whole God damn world. Trust me on that.”

Despite McGregor’s success in MMA, boxing experts agree that he would have little chance, if any, to challenge the best boxer of his generation. But that hasn't affected McGregor’s confidence, and the UFC lightweight champion believes he has the tools to hand Mayweather his first-ever loss.

“Twenty eight years of age, confident as a motherfucker, long, rangy, dangerous with every hand,” McGregor continued. “I’m going to stop Floyd and you’re all gonna eat your words. The whole world is gonna eat their words.”

Mayweather has never even lost as a pro, let alone been knocked out, winning all 49 of his career fights. McGregor has gone 9-1 since joining the UFC in 2013, knocking out seven of his opponents.

Whether McGregor has an actual chance to defeat Mayweather or not, it’s looking more and more like the fight will happen. UFC president Dana White recently said he expects the bout to take place, and a few dates have been reported as possible options.

Mayweather has said he wants to face McGregor in June, and reported last week that T-Mobile Arena was preparing to potentially host the fight on June 10. McGregor, however, seems to be shooting for later in the year, and FOX Sports reported that the fight could happen on Sept. 16.

“[September] is what I’m thinking,” McGregor told the Los Angeles Times Friday night. “That’s what the word is. That’s what we’re close to doing.

“I’ve tried to talk to Floyd. I flew to Las Vegas to have talks with Floyd and then he retired. He just doesn’t want to see me. He’s petrified. Wouldn’t you be? No one knows what to expect with me, and they shouldn’t.”

The issue of money appears to be the biggest obstacle in getting a deal done. McGregor has asked for $100 million guaranteed, while Mayweather countered with an offer of $15 million. That would still be five times more than McGregor has ever been guaranteed for a fight, and he would make millions more on pay-per-view revenue.

Mayweather retired in Sept. 2015, though he’s said he’s ready to make a return for a fight with McGregor, which would warrant a nine-figure payday.