Manny Pacquiao is looking to become the first boxer to ever defeat Floyd Mayweather, but the unbeaten champion is favored with good reason. Mayweather has handled every challenge that has come his way, and the case will likely be the same on May 2.

If anyone can finally beat Mayweather, it might be Pacquiao. The Filipino star can potentially present Mayweather with some problems due to his impressive punching power and quick hands, though history has shown that Mayweather will find a way to get the victory.

Even at 38 years old, Mayweather remains the best fighter in the sport. Pacquiao isn’t the same boxer that almost took on Mayweather more than five years ago, and he has a tall task ahead of him.

Below are three reasons why Mayweather will beat Pacquiao.

Mayweather is too difficult to hit

Pacquiao will be one of the hardest punchers Mayweather has ever come up against, but it might not matter much if he can’t land any punches on the undefeated boxer. Mayweather has made a living as the best defensive specialist in the sport, and he’s been able to stay at the top because he avoids getting hit.

In his two victories against Marcos Maidana in 2014, Mayweather staved off 78 percent of the punches thrown his way. Canelo Alvarez also landed 22 percent of his punches against Mayweather in their Sept. 2013 fight, after connecting on 42 percent of his attempts in his previous seven bouts.

Mayweather is excellent at landing punches

Even though he’s known for his defense, Mayweather is very efficient with his punches. While he spends much of his fights dodging punches from his opponents, Mayweather makes the punches he throws count.

In his fight against Maidana a year ago, Mayweather threw less than half as many punches as Maidana. But Mayweather still managed to land more total punches, connecting on 54 percent of his attempts. In their rematch four months later, Mayweather landed 58 percent of his power punches, connecting with over 50 percent of his power shots for a fourth straight fight.

Mayweather dominated Juan Manuel Marquez

Pacquiao’s last defeat came against Marquez in December 2012. While PacMan has struggled against his rival in four fights, Mayweather handled him with ease when they fought in 2009. Having stepped in the ring with both boxers, Marquez thinks Mayweather will get the victory.

“Floyd would win, but no knockout,” Marquez said via late last year. “We know that defensively Mayweather is the best in the world.”

Marquez landed just 12 percent of his punches against Mayweather, while Mayweather connected with 59 percent of his attempts. Pacquiao was knocked out in the sixth round of his last fight with Marquez.