By now you’ve heard all about the “Pok émon Go” craze. Kids and adults alike are taking to the streets to try to “catch ‘em all.” It’s like it’s the early 90’s all over again — so, why not play some of your other favorite games from then?

You can actually download the “original” Tamagotchi game on your iPhone! For those that don’t remember, a Tamagotchi was a digital pet that went on your keychain or belt loop. It was released in 1996 by Japanese toy company Bandai — and the same creators released a iPhone version of it last year!

The game was egg shaped and allowed the users to raise their egg until it hatched into a creature. Players would have to feed it and play with it in order to keep it “happy” and help it grow. And, of course, you could accidentally kill it by not taking care of it.

The iPhone version brings the same fun of the game — the only difference is that you can easily access it on your phone and not have to walk around with a keychain. Check out some photos from the game below:

tamagotchifood My Tamagotchi was full and didn't want to eat the bread I gave it. Photo: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

tamagotchilife You can monitor how your Tamagotchi grows. Photo: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Tamagotchi Calling You More like "Tamagotchi is 'haunting' you!" Photo: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

If Oregon Trial was more of your thing, a free version was released online last year. You can play it HERE.