Pokémon Go Tips
Not everywhere is a great spot to catch the little creatures. NINTENDO

Move over, ClassPass! There’s a new fitness fad in town and it’s going by the name of “Pokémon Go.”

The augmented reality mobile app, which was released by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company on Thursday, has inspired millions of users to track down fictitious characters by getting up and out. (Yes, that’s why you’ve noticed an influx of phone-wielding gamers running around your neighborhood.)

But the app, available on iPhone and Android, is doing more than just turning average Joes into Pokémon Masters. While chasing Zubats and Pidgys, players of the “Pokémon Go” game have also been burning some serious calories … without even realizing it!

“Pokémon Go” player Doug Byrd told the Daily Dot that he walked 10 kilometers while playing the game, which earned him a medal. But Byrd revealed that the real reward was getting exercise — a sentiment that other trainers have shared while trying to catch ‘em all. Byrd explained that the app focuses on distance instead of time, which gives him the stamina to play longer, therefore leading to more mileage.

“With ‘Pokémon Go,’ there is no real moment where you stop and wonder about how tired you are. There's always the possibility that you'll find a Pokémon if you go a bit further,” he said. But for those looking to take their Pokémon hunting session to the next level, here are some other activities that could help trainers become “the very best”:

1. Running — Going for a jog will help users double the Pokémon that they catch in just one session. So, speed things up a bit by going for a run as you hunt down that coveted Pikachu.

2. Biking — Users will have a better chance at capturing more Pokémon if they travel. And what better way to get fit and capture more creatures and ground than by hoping on a bike?

3. Hiking — If you want to catch a grass-type Pokémon, you’re going to have to go rural. According to Digg, those who live in an urban area can expect city-like creatures, such as Pidgeys and Eevees, in their neighborhoods while those who live in a more rural setting can catch a Snivy Pokémon more easily. So, city slickers, slip on those hiking boots and go catch yourself a grass-living Pokémon!

4. Kayaking — The odds of catching a water Pokémon increase when users are near a body of water. This encourages gamers to take out their phones, which are hopefully in waterproof cases, during their aquatic adventures to catch a water critter!

5. Night Walk — Skip the midnight snack and go for a midnight stroll instead! Nocturnal Pokémon creatures like the Clefairy come out when the sun goes down, giving trainers an incentive to hit the streets at dusk.

How are you incorporating Pokémon Go into your workout? Sound off in the comments section below!