Boarding school is going to really change Jesus on “The Fosters.” He’ll even come back with a new face. The ABC Family drama announced that Noah Centineo will play Jesus when the character returns. The role was originally played by actor Jack T. Austin.

The writers revealed that a new actor would play Marianna’s (Cierra Ramirez) twin earlier this month. “The announcement [about who it is] will be forthcoming, but right now [Jesus] is at boarding school wrestling to his heart's content and we'll be checking in with him," executive producer Peter Paige told TV Guide.

Centineo will star in the second half of “The Fosters” Season 3, which won’t air until next year, according to TV Line. When viewers last saw Jesus, he was in a bad car accident. However, the Season 3 premiere revealed that he survived the crash and went off to boarding school.

Like his predecessor, Jake T. Austin, the actor has worked a lot with Disney Channel. He has guest starred on series like “Austin and Ally,” “Jessie” and “Shake It Up!” in addition to appearing in the Disney Channel original movie “How to Build a Better Boy.” Hopefully, Centineo won’t leave as quickly as Austin did.

As previously reported, the Season 2 finale was Austin’s last episode. The actor announced his leave from the show on Twitter in March. The former “Wizards of Waverly Place” actor had been with the show since the pilot.

Are you happy with the choice to replace Jesus or do you think they could have found someone else? Take the poll:

“The Fosters” Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC Family. Are you upset that Jesus is being replaced at all? Do you wish they let the character leave for good when Austin left? Sound off in the comments section below!