Fans got some big news at the end of episode 2 of “The Fosters” Season 3. Mike (Danny Nucci) decided to foster A.J. (Todd Williamson). Not everybody was happy about the big decision, though. What would happen in episode 3, “Déjà Vu?”

The episode begins with a family dinner where everyone is still getting used to the idea of A.J. becoming a part of the family. The award for most surprised goes to Brandon (David Lambert), who is none too pleased that his father has a new son. He does offer to support Mike’s decision.

Callie (Maia Mitchell) seems to be the one with the most problems with the new addition. She’s still holding a grudge about getting fired when A.J. stole the spray paint.

Lena (Sherri Saum) claims she would never want to foster A.J. if something went wrong with Mike, but the two seem to have a real connection.

Unfortunately, Lena has other problems. Stef (Teri Polo) goes out for a girl’s night with Jenna and sees Monte (Annika Marks)! On top of that, Jenna takes a liking to Lena’s boss. The next day Jenna and Stef pressure Lena into setting up a dinner for all of them. This could awkward.

Meanwhile, A,J, goes to school the next day with Callie, who is scrambling to find a new independent study before she has to confess to her moms that she was fired from the foster center. She has an idea to do a research paper about the Foster care system.

After school, A.J. hangs out with Mike, where they bond over a shared love of sports – something Mike does not have with Brandon. When Brandon shows up for dinner with his dad and sees A.J., he pretends to watch the game along with them both, but he is having trouble trusting A.J.

Back at the house, Brandon asks Callie about A.J. and she tells him not to worry. However, later that night A.J. steals Brandon’s Tony Gwynn baseball.

Stef and Lena’s dinner with Jenna and Monte starts off well, but when Stef tells the story of how Lena and her met it seems to get at Monte. When Jenna presses Monte about how she feels about women, Monte excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

The day after dinner, Monte visits Lena and confesses that after Jenna and she left they got a drink and hit it off. She asks permission to see her again, but the conversation left Lena feeling guilty. If Monte was gay, she felt she should tell Stef about their kiss.

Meanwhile, Stef takes Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) to a shooting range. Jude has been having some lingering trauma from the Season 2 shooting incident and thinks it might help. Connor, who has been annoying Jude with his love of shooting games, begs to come along. At the range, Jude refuses to shoot, but Connor takes a near perfect shot. However, afterwards he admits to feeling scared.

After school, Mike comes to pick up A.J., but Callie reveals that he has run away. They go to the park where Callie figures A.J. would go to find her brother and they split up to track him down. Callie finds A.J. by the graffiti covered water tank, waiting for his brother. Callie convinces him to come home and trust Mike to find his brother.

Unfortunately, Callie misses her meeting with Monte to pitch her paper. In a last minute plan to cover her mistake, she tells her parents she’s working on an app to help separated foster kids find each other.

In the last scene of the episode, A.J. tries to return Brandon’s baseball without anyone noticing, but Brandon catches him. Will he turn A.J. in to Stef and Lena? Fans will have to wait next until next week to find out