The bonus surprise after Callie's (Maia Mitchell) long overdue adoption in the Season 3 midseason finale of "The Fosters," which aired in the summer, was that Jesus finally came home. Of course, the character has a new look. Noah Centineo is taking the role over from Jake T. Austin. However, as happy as fans were to see Mariana's (Cierra Ramirez) twin back on the show, the return of Jesus will not come without some drama, as a sneak peek video from the midseason premiere, which airs on Jan. 25, reveals. 

In the teaser video, released by Entertainment Weekly, Jesus is back hanging out with his sister, as well as his ex-girlfriend, Emma (Amanda Leighton). Things are right back to normal as Jesus teases Mariana about her efforts to get into a good college, pretending to fall asleep during her explanation of a new club she is joining. Then, there is a knock on the door -- it's Lexi (Bianca A. Santos), as in his other ex-girlfriend Lexi! Jesus is happy to see her, but not as much Mariana, who leaps up to hug her long, lost best friend. Lexi explains that her family back from Honduras ... for good. Mariana is over the moon, but Jesus and Emma share a worried glance. Things are about to get awkward! 

In the summer finale, the family returned home from Callie's adoption hearing to find Jesus in the kitchen waiting for them! While everyone was buzzing about the surprise homecoming, Jesus pulled his sister aside. He whispered to Mariana that the reason he came home was that he can not return to boarding school -- he got kicked out! 

Watch the scene from the summer finale below:

Will Jesus and Mariana tell their moms about the boarding school fiasco? And what will Lexi's return mean for Jesus and Emma? Fans will have to wait to find out. "The Fosters" returns to Freeform (formerly ABC Family) for the rest of Season 3 on Jan. 25.