Drama is always brewing on “The Fosters,” but one specific relationship on the ABC Family show has fans freaking out: Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena’s (Sherri Saum) marriage. The moms are rocks for their kids, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own issues.  

At the end of Season 2, Lena’s co-worker, Monte (Annika Marks), swooped in for a kiss. Lena didn’t pursue anything with Monte, but.... she also didn't say anything to Stef about the lip-lock. But that’s not the only strain on their marriage; the couple also had some communication issues throughout the season.

Season 3 of “The Fosters” is only a few episodes deep, but Stef and Lena already seem to be on a better track. And the reason might be that their kids are off doing their own thing.

“It gives us time to kind of look at each other,” Polo explained to International Business Times at the 2015 ATX Television Festival. “And go, ‘Who are you, again?’” Saum chimed in.

“It’s good that they go off and do their own thing,” Polo continued, referring to Stef and Lena’s children. “But we’re still dealing with everyday relationship drama, everyday relationship strains – whether you’re lesbian, gay, straight, queer, inside out or backwards.”

The two actresses agree that “The Fosters” has always been based on reality – which means that Stef and Lena’s marriage issues are not that far-fetched. So, why the fan upset over their relationship problems? Saum says that their supporters are “really invested” in the couple.

“I think, especially the gay communities, they really fought – and fight – to have themselves represented on television,” Saum said of their fans. “Now that they’ve got that in us, they get really invested, which I understand and appreciate. I know where it’s coming from, but I really hope they give us a chance to show that we’re like every other couple. I don’t know where other people live, but where I live, couples fight. It’s difficult even when it’s just two people, much less the whole kit and caboodle of five kids and drama. [It can] test the best of relationships.”

It looks like Stef and Lena’s relationship will be tested in episode 3 when Monte comes over for dinner. “Did you know she was gay?” Stef asks Lena in the promo video.

Will Lena come clean about the kiss? And how will Stef react when she finds out? Watch “The Fosters” on ABC Family Monday at 8 p.m. EDT.