Don Harman, meteorologist for the FOX 4 Morning News in Kansas City, died Tuesday, implicitly stated on the station's Facebook page.

The station hasn't officially confirmed Harman's death because his family has not yet been notified, said Fox 4 assignment manager Sindy Gaona to the IBTimes. She added that the official confirmation and cause of death should be released on the station's Web site at 1 p.m. CT.

An outpouring of Twitter and Facebook questions from viewers after hearing rumors of Harman's death prompted Fox 4 to respond with a message on the page and during its 4:30 a.m. broadcast. It read:

Good morning.

We know many of you have questions.

We appreciate your concern, and we consider you our friends.

But please remember that family comes first.

We're honoring that right now, and we ask that you join us in that.

Please bear with us for a little while longer.

-Loren & Mark

According to Harman's bio on the Fox 4 Web site, he worked the morning news show from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. since April 1999, and many who offered condolences on Facebook remembered him for his humor and fun attitude. He was even awarded the AMS and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) Seals of Approval, which is given to broadcast meteorologists who are adept at presenting weather to viewers in a manner that enhances the science of meteorology.

Harman's educational background and career path were also deep. He graduated from Miami of Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautics and a minor in geography. He started his meteorologist career at WTAP-TV in Parkersburg, West Virginia, then KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa and finally WOWK-TV in Huntington, West Virginia prior to joining Fox 4.

Harman grew up in Ohio and is survived by his wife, Monica, and daughter, Avery.

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