French footballer Paul Pogba played one of the most important games of his young career Sunday afternoon, taking the field in Brazil to represent his country in a first-round World Cup match against Honduras.

Though Pogba had no goals or assists, he did notch up one impressive statistic. Within one 90-minute match, he used his personal Twitter account to post the same tweet three different times. The content of the dispatches: an image of a cartoon character screaming "Gooooooooool":

It was not immediately apparent whether the 21-year-old fired off the tweets from the sidelines, during a water break, or while his team celebrated each successive goal. But fans took to Twitter to marvel at his prodigious tweeting talents and speed:


Athletes tweeting is by no means a rare occurance, and Pogba is a popular guy on social media, with nearly 300,000 followers (but oddly just 52 tweets under his belt, as he only joined Twitter in May.) But it's not every day that you see a top-class footballer tweeting during his own World Cup match. It remains to be seen whether Pogba has started a new sporting trend.