Police have stepped up the search for missing Boston College student Franco Garcia, catching the attention of celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, who tweeted about the student's disappearance on Wednesday.

Newton and State Police carried out a search at Garcia's home on Wednesday in hope of finding more clues towards the student's whereabouts. The 21-year-old has been missing for over a week and was last seen by his friends at 12.30 AM at Mary Ann's Bar in Cleveland Circle last Tuesday.

The search was welcomed by Garcia's family, who hoped the police would find clues that they may have overlooked, according to the Boston Globe. 

They found nothing on the [reservoir] bottom that would be considered in any way relevant to this case,'' State Police spokesman David Procopio told the Boston Globe. It is our devout hope that we will be able to bring Franco home to his family safely.''

Last Sunday, the Newton Police Department carried out a helicopter flyover in Massachusetts, but few clues were found despite using a thermal imaging technique that can recognize people and their belongings.

Garcia's friends have launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign to try and find leads about his disappearance. They have asked people who were at Mary Ann's on Tuesday to send in photos and videos of the night.

Bruce Springsteen has also become involved with the campaign, Help find Boston College student Franco Garcia. Last seen 2/22/12 in Brighton, MA. Call    617-796-2100 with any info, he tweeted.

Friends and family of Garcia have been distributing fliers in the area. His mother, Luzmila Garcia, describes her son as an intelligent, hard-working and responsible man. He knows I'm going to be worried, she told the Boston Globe.

The West Newton mother is concerned that police involved in the investigation are not collaborating enough with one another. They communicate, but not enough to work together, she told the Boston Globe.

Katherine Corteselli, 21, a BC senior, told police that there was nothing extraordinary about the night Garcia went missing. Nothing seemed off,'' she said.Nothing seemed to be bothering him,'' she told the Boston Globe. She said she had seen him talking to friends and the only thing Slightly off is that he would not have left without saying goodbye.

The Boston College community remains hopeful that Franco will be found safe, and are offering all our prayers and Masses for him, his family and many BC friends. The Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Pep Bands all are affected by this occurrence and are pulling together in solidarity and prayer for Franco and for each other, said Campus Minister Fr. Donald MacMillan, SJ, the Boston Chronicle reported.