France's newly-elected Socialist President Francois Hollande met with U.S. President Barack Obama at Camp David, prior to the G-8 summit meeting.

10. Obama: “I'll trade you Michelle for Valerie and Segolene.”

9. Hollande: “I'll trade you our National Front for your Tea Party.”

8. Obama: “'Unlike with that little midget Sarkozy, I don't have to sit you on my lap!”

7. Hollande: “Angela Merkel is twice the man you and I are, eh??”

6. Obama: “Everytime I see David Cameron, my gaydar goes off the scale!”

5. Hollande: “May I see your birth certificate, please?”

4. Obama: “Is it true you guys invented French Fries? Man, I love'em with ketchup!”

3. Hollande: “Socialism? Well, that's kinda like a Democrat on steroids.”

2. Obama: “How come Marine Le Pen never responds to my phone calls, chocolates and flowers?”

1. Hollande: “What're you gonna do after Romney beats the crap out of you in November?”