Most people really like dogs, so there’s a good chance that most gamers will like "Home Free," a video game where you get to explore the city as a man’s best friend. The game was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter and is currently solicited for a November 2016 release date, though no actual date has been specified.

The game has been in development for two years by a developer named Kevin Cancienne. According to the PlayStation Blog, the idea for "Home Free" came sometime after the developer combined two of his personal game projects: a dog wrestling game and a procedural CityEngine.

Players control a lost dog on a randomly generated city. They have to make sure the dog makes friends with both humans and other canines, while also finding food to eat and places to sleep. The result will hopefully lead to the player’s dog finding a new home to stay in.

There will be multiple dogs to choose from. No matter which dog is chosen though, players will have to explore the city and be playful around humans in order to survive and maybe even find a new home, or at the least some food.

While "Home Free" is a single-player experience, it does come bundles with another dog game that has multiplayer. According to the game’s official Kickstarter page, "Home Free" will come with "Dog Park," the aforementioned personal project of Cancienne.

"Dog Park" will apparently be an improved version of the original game the developer worked on and will come with new modes and dog breeds that will be introduced in "Home Free." It will be interesting to see how the gameplay of "Home Free" compares to the mayhem in "Dog Park."

"Home Free" was fully funded in five days and still has 15 more to go. This could be one of the more interesting games of next year, or at the least one of the most unique games in the PS4.

Home Free - Story Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)