Fifteen armed attackers hijacked two cars on a highway and stole jewels worth millions of euros, French authorities said Wednesday. Officials are now searching for the attackers in the Yonne region in Burgundy, southeast of Paris.

The attackers reportedly pulled the drivers out of the vehicles as they took control of the vans. However, noone was hurt in the attack, according to the Associated Press (AP). The incident occurred on the A6 highway, which connects Paris and Lyon. The vehicles were later found in a forest, close to where the attackers hijacked the vans. The vans were found burnt and the jewels were missing, police officials reportedly said.

The jewels were worth around 9 million euros ($9.5 million), the Guardian reported, citing sources close to the investigation.

Last year in November, two gunmen raided a Cartier jewelry boutique in a Paris neighborhood. They were chased by police officials across the Seine River. The robbers took one person hostage and then later surrendered, the AP reported.

In 2013, a gunman had entered a jewelry show, which was being held at Carlton International Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival and stole around $136 million in loot, according to the AP. He had then disappeared using one of the side streets after which two armed men looted some luxury watches at the same venue. Last month, eight people, who were linked to a 2008 jewel theft at a Harry Winston boutique in Paris, were convicted. They had stolen $92 million worth of goods, the AP reported.