FriendFeed, the popular streaming social-media site, has revamped its website to show off its real time updates, an indication of just how fast the web is developing., a site founded by former Google employees, launched the beta version of its site on Monday with a series of new features.

The new interface revamped its site to showcase its stream of live entries and comments which provoked many users to comment on how alarmed they were by the speed of the updates.

However, the new look is a true reflection of direction in which the web is moving towards. Accessing content in real-time on the web has become a reality as users constantly update their lives on internet-enabled devices and turn to the tweets of others for breaking news.

FriendFeed has led the way in introducing many changes to social media by being the first to add comments to status updates and the first to bring in third party feeds.

“It really is a bit of a magic moment when you post something, it shows up on your feed, and all of a sudden a “like” appears next to it and a comment pops up,” says Paul Buchheit of FriendFeed, who also assisted in creating Google’s Gmail and Maps.

“I think this is something we are going to see showing up on a lot of websites. When we introduced Gmail and Maps, it felt a little big magical and people thought then: ‘I need to get this on my website’ and I think we are going to see more of that.”