If rumors are to be believed, EA-owned video game development studio Visceral Games could be aiming at employing EA's newest graphics engine, the DICE-developed Frostbite 2.0, for a new title in the Dead Space series, Dead Space 3.

According to a NowGamer report, EA has released a job listing seeking environmental artists for a new Montreal-developed Dead Space game, combined with a new tweet from DICE's Johan Andersson where the architect has revealed that he is visiting a whole bunch of Frostbite-powered EA studios before GDC (Game Developers Conference that will take place from March 5 till March 9.

Dead Space Franchise is currently seeking a Senior Environment Artist opportunity in our Montreal studio, says EA's official hiring Web site.

The Montreal studio is best known for the co-development of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Dead Space 2 and multi-million selling hit franchise Army of two.

Now, if both the possibilities are combined together, the gamers could be in for a survival-horror treat this year with the newest Dead Space arriving, which was last year rumored to take place on an icy planet, and the newest inclusion of the Frostbite 2.0 engine, which offered ground-breaking graphics last year with Battlefield 3, could be a promising prospect.

More details about Dead Space 3 are expected in the future.