Days after beginning filming on Netflix’s 13-episode “Full House” reboot, “Fuller House,” star John Stamos – a.k.a. Jesse Katsopolis – is pulling no punches when it comes to whetting fans’ appetites for the new episodes. Monday the actor posted a photo teasing the show’s most popular relationship, Jesse and his wife Becky Donaldson (Lori Loughlin).

The photo in question, posted to Stamos’ Instagram post, shows Stamos and co-star Lori Loughlin holding hands, wedding rings and all, in front of their cast name cards and a script. The shipper-friendly caption reads “Becky and Jesse together forever.” More observant fans might notice that the acting pair’s hands cover the title of the episode, “Our Very First Show, Again.”

See the photo in the tweet below:

By the time the original “Full House” ended, Stamos’ Jesse and Loughlin’s Becky were happily married – after a few proposal snafus – and in Season 4 had given birth to twin boys, Nicky and Alexander.  Plus, in the final season Becky was promoted to a job as a producer of the local morning show “Wake Up, San Francisco.” It is safe to say that things were looking up for the good-looking couple. 

Stamos’ photo comes two days after the entire cast gathered to begin filming on Saturday, according to Deadline Hollywood. In addition to Stamos and Loughlin, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin and Dave Coulier were back to reprise their roles from the original ABC series. The cast teased fans with Instagram photos and tweets from the set.

What will “Fuller House” hold for Jesse and Becky? Fans will have to wait to find out. The Netflix reboot is due to premiere in 2016