In August, we learned that two classic “Full House” characters would be making their return to “Fuller House” for Season 2. While D.J.’s ex-boyfriend Nelson Burkhard and her former best friend Kathy Santoni will be coming to back to San Francisco for the Netflix series, both roles have been recast. The reason for Kathy’s recasting remains a mystery, but we now know why Jason Marsden (Nelson) won’t make his return.

In a series of videos posted to Twitter, Marsden explained his reason for not returning, while also telling fans to not be mad at the show’s creators. “I just want to say, don’t f ‘Fuller House,’ watch ‘Fuller House,’ it’s a great show. The folks at Netflix, the producers, the casting directors, the writers of ‘Fuller House’ all tried their darndest to get me on the show.”

According to Marsden, the real reason he’s not appearing in “Fuller House” is because of a scheduling conflict. Marsden revealed that he previously got an invitation to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta which took place the same week as filming for “Fuller House” in Los Angeles. For Marsden, who lives in Tennessee, it was easier for him to head to Georgia than to California.

“It was my choice not to appear on ‘Fuller House’ and it was a tough one, believe me. A couple months ago, I got an invitation to appear at Dragon Con in Atlanta,” Marsden said. “I made the choice in a matter of convenience and the convenience was, I could drive to Atlanta from Tennessee.”

While Marsden’s character has been recast, Marsden isn’t upset about it but he does have one request for the “Fuller House” crew. “I hope whoever they get to play Nelson is fantastic. I hope that he’s still short.” Marsden also went on to jokingly create the hashtag, “#KeepNelsonShort.”

Season 2 of “Fuller House” is currently being filmed and is slated for 13 episodes. Similar to last season, expect some celebrity cameos such as New Kids on the Block. Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.) revealed that Season 2 should hit Netflix in December.