Bonnaroo is less than a week away, and fans and bands alike are getting excited to invade the Manchester, Tennessee farmland June 7 - 10. This Tent, That Tent, Which Stage, What Stage will be overflowing with music lovers from all over the world, who are ready to take on the hot Tennessee sun for four days of fun.

Four days of fun might be what's in store for many Bonnaroo-ians, but Sunday, June 10 is going to have an extra dose of fun.

From 6:45 to 8 P.M., the band Fun (sometimes fun.) will be at That Tent, performing their radio hit We Are Young, among many others off their 2009 album Aim and Ignite, and 2012's popular Some Nights.

I had a chance to talk with vocalist and guitarist Jack Antonoff, not once, but twice about Fun's upcoming June 10 performance at the 2012 Bonnaroo festival.

For Antonoff, he is far from a Bonnaroo virgin, playing the festival three times before with a different band. Lucky number four will be his first performance at Bamboozle with Fun though.

Antonoff's first time will always be special for him though, explaining his 2005 performance with Steel Train as my favorite life experience of all time.

I played that Thursday night 5 P.M. to midnight, he said on the phone, reminiscing. And to this day I've never had a show like that. Needless to say, Antonoff has a growing excitement over playing the famous festival with Fun. It's like no other festival, like no other shows. I think that you kind of have to have been there to understand what its like.

Bonnaroo's one-of-a-kind success stems from the brilliant minds that put together the festival. While in the past there has been uproar over some bands (Metallica) being added to the lineup, Antonoff doesn't believe that Fun's popular success will have a negative impact on the crowds.

There hasn't been one remotely negative thought in my head about our performance to be honest, crediting the Bonnaroo head honchos for knowing what they're doing. All I can think is this is going to be our best show of the year and, you know, probably one of our best shows of all time and probably something we'll talk about forever...something that we'll always go back to and be like, 'God that was an amazing show. We've got to match that again.'

While Antonoff was tight lipped on what Fun have in store for Bonnaroo-ians watching their set, he did tease that the band has a couple things up their sleeves.  Fans can definitely expect the band to play with the same passion that we did when we made [Some Nights], to play the songs the same way we did the first time with that level of excitement.

Besides being excited about Fun's very own performance, Antonoff is excited to take in some other performances as well, including Alice Cooper, The Beach Boys, Temper Trap and Ben Folds.

For those few people who have kept their radio off for the past couple months, Antonoff describes the band in once sentence as three suburban kids who grew up going to theater and idolizing rock and roll.

You can catch Jack Antonoff and the rest of Fun at Bonnaroo at That Tent on Sunday evening from 6:45 P.M. to 8 P.M.