It's been an emotional few months for the family of Bobbi Kristina Brown -- especially for her grandmother, Cissy Houston. The 22-year-old died July 26 after nearly six months of fighting for her life. Her family said their final goodbyes Monday, laying her to rest next to her mother, Whitney Houston, in Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, the funeral director at Bobbi Kristina's burial acknowledged Cissy's pain. All those in attendance were reportedly asked to pray for the 81-year-old. Cissy has been forced to bury several people close to her in recent years, including her daughter, Whitney Houston, and husband John Russell Houston. Her husband died in 2003 after a lengthy battle with diabetes and heart disease; Whitney followed in February 2012. Despite her struggle to cope with her losses, Cissy appeared to be staying strong for her family. She was seen leaving the funeral service alongside daughter-in-law Pat Houston. 

Bobbi Kristina was buried Monday following a Sweet 16-themed ceremony held two days prior in Alpharetta, Georgia, at St. James United Methodist Church. While there was said to be conflict among the families in regard to funeral plans, People magazine reports they were able to agree on a color scheme. The Brown and Houston families decided to incorporate Bobbi Kristina's favorite colors -- varying shades of pink -- into the ceremony, the magazine reported. Sources said the idea was Pat Houston's, but the whole family was in agreement. 

"That was Pat [Houston]'s idea, but those were Krissy's favorite colors. Her bedroom was in those colors. That's one thing we all agreed on, was that we should honor Krissy," the source said. 

Sadly, conflict over the funeral's theme wasn't the only issue the Brown and Houston families were facing following Bobbi Kristina's funeral. As previously reported, a photo of the aspiring actress lying in her casket was said to have been sold to the media Monday for more than $100,000. The photo was reportedly taken during the viewing, held July 31. It has not been revealed who took the photo or which media outlet it was sold to, but both sides of Bobbi Kristina's family are reportedly blaming one another.