After being absent from the public for almost two weeks, footage of Moammar Gaddafi was shown on Libyan state TV last night.

In the video, Gaddafi, who appears to be in good health is shown meeting with tribal chiefs in a hotel in the capitol Tripoli.

In the footage, Gaddafi wears brown robes, dark sunglasses and a black hat.

We tell the world, 'those are the representatives of the Libyan tribes,' Gaddafi says in the video, pointing to his visitors.

Then another elderly man says to him: You will be victorious.

Libyan officials claim the video was shot on Wednesday, but this has not been independently confirmed.

Gaddafi had not been seen since April 30 when a NATO air strike on his Tripoli compound killed one of his sons and three grandchildren, raising speculation that perhaps he had died,

The fact that he did not attend the funerals of his family members further intensified the death rumors.

A reporter for Britain’s Sky News Mark Stone said from Tripoli: There have been plenty of rumors that Colonel Gaddafi had been injured, or worse, in the attack on his son's home. Now he has appeared on state TV. Not only that, but he has turned up at the hotel where all the international journalists are staying. The footage shows him in a room we use every day, it's where we get our press accreditation from.”

Meanwhile, Libyan rebel factions said they have taken control of the western city of Misrata, by seizing its airport and beating back Gaddafi’s soldiers.

Government forces had kept up a brutal siege on the city for weeks, but have been unable to take it back.