Winter is coming … and according to some excitable “Game of Thrones” fans so is a romance between the Westeros' very own Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Warning: If you haven’t watched episode 9 of Season 4, “The Watchers on the Wall,” stop reading now. This article contains major “GoT” spoilers.

This wishful dream that viewers hold near and dear to their hearts got one step closer to reality when Jon’s love interest, Ygritte, was killed off in the most ironic way possible: shot through the heart with an arrow. Fans zoomed their passed their grief -- and the Bon Jovi reference -- and went straight to theorizing about what this could mean for the last dragon’s relationship with Ned’s bastard son.

“I find it wonderful that people root for anyone,” Kit Harington, who plays the role of Jon, told E! News at the New York City screening of “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” “It’s wonderful to be involved in that and be one of the people that people think should be on the throne at the end.”

Not only do fans want Khaleesi to warm Jon’s cold, Winterfell heart but they are also striving for the duo to both lead with an iron first on the iron throne when the Westeros' war finally concludes. Now that’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” worth singing.

Harrington revealed that fans will get another episode to fantasize about this wild theory when he revealed to E! News that Jon would survive the Season 4 finale. "I go off and start filming in late July for ‘Thrones' Season 5," he said about the upcoming season. Now all we need to do is cross our fingers that Dany makes it through Episode 10, “The Children,” too!

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