Winter is coming in the world of the Westeros, which means fans of “Game of Thrones” should start preparing themselves for a long, cold season 4. And when we say cold, we mean frigid. Specifically the women of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series.

According to reports, the ladies of the Seven Kingdoms will be fiercer in the coming series of the HBO show. So, if you thought for a second that the men would be the ones dominating season 4 of “GoT,” you’re about as delusional as Jeoffrey. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got the spoilers to back our theory up:

First and foremost, Daenerys foreshadowed the power of women in season 4 when she told her right-hand woman Missandei that all men must die. “But we are not man,” she later adds. Oh, snap! And it looks like the mother of dragons won’t be the only one causing the dudes of “GoT” to shake in their boots.

Maisie Williams, who plays the spunky Arya, will also be quite terrifying this season. “Arya’s really changing this year and I’m not sure people are going to like who she’s becoming,” Williams said of her character. Could we thank the Red Wedding for Arya’s evolution? Probably. Witnessing the brutal murder of your mother and brother would turn anyone into a sword-swinging tyrant. “She’s turning a lot darker and she’s not quite as fun as she used to be. It’s a different Arya than we’ve seen before.”

While Arya’s transformation will be blunt and noticeable, her older sister Sansa (played by Sophie Turner) will take a more refined approach to letting her inner darkness come through. “There’s a kind of a big evolution [for Sansa in Season 4],” Turner told Wet Paint. “She begins to kind of manipulate the people who have done wrong to her in her past. She becomes a good powerhouse character but in a very subtle way. It’s really good.”

We’ve been dying for Sansa to get over her timid self and crack some skulls — and apparently, so has Turner! "I feel like I've been waiting for a moment where I can manipulate the people that have come before me, so it was like I had been waiting for it for so long. It was a release,” she said.

Are you excited for the female characters of “Game of Thrones” to start getting rowdy? Let us know who your favorite woman in the world of the beloved HBO series is in the comments section below.