It looks like Cersei will be giving her brother a hand during Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” — literally. According to “GoT” spoilers, Jaime Lannister will be receiving a blinged-out gift from his sister during the coming season. But the present isn’t so much for Jaime as for Cersei. See, when the Queen’s brother returned home to King’s Landing during the Season 3 finale, Cersei was disgusted when she saw her twin sporting only part of his limb.

Jamie’s former sword hand has been reduced to a stump after it was viciously cut off by Locke. Since then, the former prince has been compared to something resembling a “farm boy.” His good looks have become lost under his burly exterior and by the look of Cersei’s reaction, we can tell she’s not into the rugged type.

During Season 4, Jaime will spruce himself up to look like a Lannister once again. He’ll shave off his beard, take a shower and even trim his locks. But that still isn’t enough for Cersei, who is appalled that she now has another brother with a trait to be mocked. With that said, the cold-hearted Queen gets Jaime a golden hand fit for a king, which you can see HERE.

The appendage was designed by Michele Clapton and was created by the “Game of Thrones” armor master Giampaolo Grassi. The details of the metal hand are mesmerizing, especially when you see it up close.

“This is one of the golden hands that Cersei has made for [Jaime] because she’s so disgusted by his stump,” said Lena Heady, who plays her. “She just wants to cover it up, but obviously that doesn’t work because it’s a big gold hand.”

With that said, we have a feeling Jaime and Cersei’s incestuous relationship will be coming to an end during Season 4. Not only do clues from a sneak peek lead us to believe that, but Heady’s comment regarding her TV lover’s fake hand make us think that every time Cersei catches a glimpse of the golden hand, she’ll scowl. Maybe she should have picked a more subtle replacement method for her brother’s lost hand.

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