“Game of Thrones” is only a few short weeks away from airing its Season 4 premiere on April 6. And until that magical day arrives, fans will be digging around the Web for spoilers of what they should expect when “Two Swords” debuts. Luckily for us, the fantasy HBO series has leaked some clues of events to come.

According to reports, Season 4 will be “jam-packed” with new threats. The first character to bring chaos to “GoT” will be Oberyn Martell, who will waste no time revealing his evil intentions for the Lannister family after he arrives in King’s Landing. According to the season promo, we hear Oberyn tell Cersei that if you cannot protect the ones you love, you can always avenge them. What exactly does that mean? Well, we think we’ve figured it out.

Oberyn, better known as the Red Viper or Prince of Dorne, will be making his way to King’s Landing to replace his older brother, Doran, on the small council. But according to rumors, there’s another reason Oberyn is so set on becoming a member, and it’s to avenge his sister Elia. Elia was reportedly killed by Ser Gregor Clegane, also known as “The Mountain.” As Oberyn gets closer to the Lannisters, he will grow closer to avenging the death of his kin.

“GoT’ spoilers also hint that Khaleesi’s fate looks grim in Season 4. Although the Mother of Dragons is well on her way to ruling the Iron Throne after she conquers the slave city of Meeran, Daenerys will find herself in a bit of a pickle when she realizes she unable to control her fire-breathing children.

But amid all the drama comes something that will make you stand up and cheer as Arya finally gets some long-awaited, bloody revenge, according to TV Guide. Will the feisty Stark avenge her mother and brother’s death? We have a feeling she most definitely will.

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