Where in the world of “Game of Thrones” is Gendry? The character has been missing since Season 3 of the HBO series, and despite all the already chaotic storylines happening in Season 6, fans can’t help but obsess over the missing character. With only two episodes remaining for the year, some fans are theorizing that he may resurface by the end of the finale.

To briefly recap, Gendry (Joe Dempsie) is believed to be the bastard son of Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy). Melisandre (Carice van Houten) was going to sacrifice him in order to help Stannis (Stephen Dillane) take his seat on the Iron Throne, but Davos (Liam Cunningham) gave Gendry a chance to escape on a rowboat. He directed Gendry to return to King’s Landing, however, fans never found out if he reached land.

The character is of importance as the war to take the throne heats up. Although Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) believes that as a Targaryen she’s the only one with claim to throne, others see King Baratheon’s blood as the rightful ruler. The late king’s youngest son with Cersei (Lena Headey), Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman), currently wears the crown. However, Tommen is really the bastard son of Cersei’s brother, Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). If Tommen’s true bloodline were to be revealed, Gendry would then become the new king.

This would further shake things up on “Game of Thrones,” which is why fans are excited to see the character return. Although there is no official word that viewers will get to see Gendry again by the end of Season 6, some new theories suggest that it’s a possibility he could return in the near future.

Arya’s Back On The Road

Now that Arya (Maisie Williams) was able to defeat Waif (Faye Marsay), she’s officially back on the road. We know that she’s headed towards Winterfell, so it’s a possibility that she might run into Gendry again.

The two first met when they decided to join the Night’s Watch, however, they never made it to The Wall. The Brotherhood Without Banners sold Gendry to Melisandre, and The Hound (Rory McCann) kidnapped Arya so he could sell her back to her family.

Gendry told Davos before he left that he had never been in a rowboat before and didn’t know how to swim. Davos pointed him in the right direction, but there is a chance that Gendry somehow got turned around. The two may cross paths while somewhere in the Narrow Sea.

Arya Game of Thrones Arya (Maisie Williams) could potentially run into Gendry (Joe Dempsie, not pictured) on her way to Winterfell in “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO

Varys’ Mysterious Mission

Varys (Conleth Hill) left Meereen in episode 8 to go on a mysterious mission that will allegedly help Daenerys. Some fans think that Varys is actually working against the Mother of Dragons, and somehow helped orchestrate the attack on Meereen. But what if he’s out searching for Gendry?

In the books it’s confirmed that Varys is the one that helped Gendry escape King’s Landing before Cersei ordered that all Robert’s bastards be killed. It’s also speculated that Varys was the mysterious donor that paid for a young orphaned Gendry to become the blacksmith’s apprentice.

Does Varys see a Daenerys and Gendry union as an unstoppable force? Robert Baratheon’s true heir teaming up with the Mother of Dragons might gain more supporters for Daenerys.

Varys Game of Thrones Varys’ (Conleth Hill, left) secret he’s keeping from Tyrion (Peter Dinklage, right) may be that he found Gendry (Joe Dempsie, not pictured) on “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO

Cersei’s Secret Request

Last week it was revealed that Qyburn’s (Anton Lesser) little birds investigated something for Cersei. All fans know is that the rumor is “much more” than what Cersei anticipated. One theory circulating is that Qyburn found the Mad King’s old stash of wildfire that Cersei could use to extinguish the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce) and her other enemies. But another theory is that Cersei might be searching for someone to replace her son on the throne.

Although Cersei wants the power of the throne, her fate now lies in the hands of the Faith Militant. Since Tommen is listening to the High Sparrow, she may be willing to get her own son removed from the throne in order to save her life. That would require exposing Tommen as Jaime’s son and Gendry as the bastard son of Robert.

The Brotherhood Without Banners

Episode 8 reunited viewers with the Brotherhood Without Banners, which Gendry wanted to join when we last saw him in Season 3. He planned on staying with the group as their blacksmith, but they sold him to Melisandre for two bags of gold. After that betrayal he may no longer be interested in calling them his family, however, he may want revenge.

brotherhood without banners The Brotherhood Without Banners were responsible for selling Gendry (Joe Dempsie, not pictured) on “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO

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