“Game of Thrones” is officially back, and not only is Winter here, but some major drama has already emerged in the Seven Kingdoms.

The Season 7 premiere episode took viewers back to Westeros and kicked things off with another impressive slaughter at The Twins. After Arya (Maisie Williams) slashed Walder Frey’s (David Bradley) throat, she used her skills as a Faceless Man to successfully poison every remaining member of his family and wipe them all out in revenge for the Red Wedding. In Winterfell, Jon (Kit Harington) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) were already beginning to have conflicts with one another about how exactly to rule the North, and which enemy they should be focusing on. Cersei (Lena Headey) was planning ruthless revenge on all of her enemies now that she sits on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, and considering an alliance with Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk). Also, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) finally arrived home, landing at Dragonstone, where she was born, for the first time since her birth.

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Now, in episode 2, it appears things are not easing up when it comes to the tensions in the North, as a synopsis for “Stormborn” indicates that the tensions there between Jon and Sansa, and Jon’s unpopular opinions about how to handle the threat to the North that is the Night’s King (Richard Brake), threaten the alliance between the Starks and the Knights of the Vale.

Jon Snow, "Game of Thrones" S7E2 Jon (Kit Harington) faces potential revolt in the North on Season 7, Episode 2 of “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO

“Jon faces a revolt,” the synopsis reads.

In a preview clip for the episode, Lord Royce (Rupert Vansittart) in particular seems to object to a plan Jon may reveal which involves an alliance with Daenerys, since she is at Dragonstone, and can provide Dragonglass to the North, a crucial element needed when it comes to fashioning the weapons that can actually kill the White Walkers.

“A Targaryen cannot be trusted!” Royce says.

As Jon works to persuade the North to agree to an alliance, Daenerys isn’t waiting to make her mark now that she’s back in Westeros. According to the synopsis, not only will she receive an unexpected visitor, but Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) will “plan the conquest of Westeros.”

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Of course, even there, there could be some conflict. Daenerys made her trek thanks to her powerful alliances with Yara (Gemma Whelan) and Theon (Alfie Allen) Greyjoy, who provided her with a fleet, as well as Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) and Dorne and Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg) and Highgarden. However, all of the different opinions about how to handle the conquest could lead to the conflicts in that group as well.

As Tyrion will likely caution they should slowly build up to a grander attack, because he knows the biggest enemy—his own sister—better than anyone else, Yara in particular will voice objection, insistent that they need to strike while they seem strong and threatening, or they’ll miss their chance.

“We have an army, a fleet, and three dragons,” she says in the clip “We should hit King’s Landing now.”

“Game of Thrones” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.

Daenerys, "Game of Thrones" S7E2 Dany (Emilia Clarke) plans her conquest of King’s Landing with Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Yara (Gemma Whelan) and Ellaria (Indira Varma) on Season 7, Episode 2 of “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO