Game of thrones season 4 spoilers Emilia Clarke confessed what it took to get the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO adaptation of “The Game Of Thrones." Photo: Reuters

We have a total girl crush on Emilia Clarke—but can you blame us? From her mesmerizing role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO adaptation of “The Game Of Thrones” to her undeniably gorgeous looks, it’s hard to cast your gaze away from the 26-year-old brunette bombshell. But just because Clarke has the skin of silk and the charm of George Clooney doesn’t mean that everything was always glitz and glamour for this young Hollywood star.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Clarke has had her fair share of struggles before she became the mother of dragons on the successful fantasy series. Shortly after graduating from the Drama Centre, Clarke rolled up her sleeves as a bartender and waitress as she waited for the role of a lifetime to slowly inch towards her. And it was actually at one of those gigs that she received the call from her agent regarding the role of Khaleesi in the “Game of Thrones.” Clarke said she “ran to the loo and stood on top—in case my manager came in and looked underneath the stall doors—and whispered on the phone.”

A few weeks after Clarke’s bathroom-call, and several auditions later, the London born actress was on her way to Los Angeles to meet with HBO executives. But Clarke wasn’t shy when she made her L.A. debut, in fact—she was quite vibrant. In the middle of shaking hands with those who held her fate, “Game of Thrones” showrunner David Benioff dared the red carpet vixen to bust a move. “I did the robot, followed by the funky chicken,” Clarke said. “I think it sealed the deal.” And we couldn’t be more thrilled that the actress clucked around like a chicken. Could you imagine anyone else portraying role of Daenerys?

"She's effing funny," Benioff admitted in an e-mail. "Does that mean we've written hilarious scenes for her? No. But someone should."

While we’d love to see Clarke splitting our sides one day—there’s a reason she performs such a strong and serious character on the HBO series, which will return on April 6th. And she has the awards to prove it! Clarke was the first female cast member (and second ever, after Peter Dinklage) to be nominated for an Emmy for her outstanding performance on the “Game of Thrones.” And although she didn’t win the golden statuette, we have no doubt that Clarke will be in the running for the 67th award show. Look out primetime!

So, what clues did Clarke reveal to The Wall Street Journal during their interview about season 4? Well, the smart actress remained coy as she was sure not to leak any spoilers that could potentially give away the fourth season of “GoT.”

“You start to see her struggle with the realities,” Clarke teased. Hmm, what do you think that means? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below!