Hip Hop artist, the Game, just released his fifth album “Jesus Piece” on Tuesday, MTV reported.

His latest studio album has 13 tracks that features numerous collaborations — 23 collaborations specifically.

Other artists who are prominent in the music business and featured on the Game’s latest album range from Kanye West and Common on the title track to Meek Mill on "Scared Now" and Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa on "Celebration;" in addition to having Kevin Hart on the skits.

Jake One, Cool & Dre and Toronto's Boi-1da helped provide production for the songs on the Game’s fifth album.

Fans have started to applaud the songs writing tweets like, "The game killed Jesus Piece" and "The Game album is Stupid... Loving it..."

Kevin Hart's is also getting attention on Twitter for his comedic skits, especially for the work he did on "Church."

"Kevin Hart's interludes on The Game new albums got me rolling" said one fan on Twitter while another added, "These Kevin Hart skits on Game's album have me in tears."

Another fan praised the album and included in the tweet that “Jesus Piece” didn’t need mass promotion in order to be successful.

“No million dollar ad campaign no banner ads, just incredible work effort & word of mouth from the people & of course good music. Jesus Piece”

Dr. Dre, congratulated The Game with a tweet:

"Your album is Dope," the message from Dre read. "The song with the D'Angelo sample is f---in Crazy. Great job. Congratulations!!!!"

"The thing about the Jesus Piece is, it's kinda like a 2012 Chronic album, if you will," Game told MTV News a few months before it was released, referring to the fact that there were multiple collaborations. "I'm on it, and I'm on it a hell of a lot, but I got a lot of features."

“Jesus Piece” is being sold on iTunes for $13.99. 

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